Running from the Heart

Rebecca was a wonderfully loving, kind, gifted young woman who inspired many people by her life.  Having left us for Heaven, far too soon, we want to encourage and inspire millions of young women around the world by how Rebecca lived her life for Jesus Christ.

‘Running from the Heart’ (working title) is a collection of Rebecca’s favourite scriptures, prayers, songs, quotes, tweets and lots more, that cover forty topics that impact how young women live their lives in an increasingly challenging world.  ‘Running for the Heart,’ is a legacy of Rebecca’s absolute love and trust in Jesus Christ.

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Running from the Heart


To inspire, encourage and challenge millions of young women around the world to courageously live an abundant life for Christ.


‘Running from the Heart’ will be available as an ‘App’ and in hard copy format.

Voice to the Voiceless

Rebecca had a huge heart for the downtrodden and those ‘without a voice.’ We want to make ‘Running from the Heart’ available for free in developing countries, including 100,000 free copies to be distributed in India in 2016/17.

A Wonderful Role Model

Beautiful, loving, talented, courageous, authentic, caring, faithful and hard working. These are just some of the many ways young women will be inspired, encouraged and challenged to courageously live an abundant life for Christ.

Share Rebecca’s Legacy

Sign up to receive ‘Running from the Heart’. Depending on funding, we hope to distribute in 3Q 2016. Please share this resource with family and friends.


We need funds to help with the final editing stage, development of the App and for 100,000 free copies for India. Please contact us if you want more detail on these costs.